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When you work with SPARK PERFORMANCE & COACHING, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a personalized program that utilizes the power of positive suggestion to help you eliminate unwanted habits, resolve issues and become the person you wish to be. As a certified hypnotist I am  available for private consultation with day and evening hours at my office in downtown Middleburg, VA. Each Session is 50 minutes long. In this quiet, soothing office atmosphere you can benefit from each private session, that will improve your quality of life and facilitate the healing process by removing the unique obstacles each of us has that prevent our minds and bodies from working together to maximize whatever stage we’re at in our living process.


Now you can enjoy the benefits of our certified hypnotists’ expertise no matter where you are! SPARK PERFORMANCE & COACHING also offers phone and Skype hypnosis sessions, enabling you to connect with certified hypnotist Sarah Becler from the comofrt of your home or office. Skype is a free online video conferencing and voice call platform that has been revolutionizing the way people interact. During your Skype hypnosis session, you and Sarah will be able to see, hear and communicate with each other just as you would in person, even though you may be miles away.

Sessions available via phone or Skype:

• Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – 50 minute session

• Life Coaching with Sarah Becker, CHT, NLP, Life Coach – 50 minute session


Many of the most successful people, from professional athletes to wealthy business people, Ivy League grad students to Hollywood celebrities, have one thing in common. They have a life coach who works with them on a regular basis to achieve their goals. Sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Like so many people today, you have reached a roadblock in the journey toward your goals, and just cannot seem to move to the next level in work, hobbies, or life. You’ve tried visualization, meditation, or conventional therapy and nothing has helped you move past where you are today. If you are ready to achieve permanent change and take your life to the next level,  SPARK PERFORMANCE & COACHING is the answer.


Sarah Becker, CHt and Performance Coach is a nationally certified Constulting Hypnotherapist and has also been trained and certified in Transformative Coaching -- a 3 Principles based philosopy focusing on the "inside out" approach to stress management
and performance enhancement.

Sarah brings not only her professional training to the practice, but also her athletic and business training. As a lifelong equestrian athlete, Sarah has conditioned and trained horses to the internation Grand Prix show jumping level. She holds her MFA in Creative Writing, Certificates in Professional Level Jewelry Fabrication & Design, and studied Improvisational Theater and Meisner Acting Technique for many years. Sarah also founded and operated her retail business, B&B Saddlery, LLC for eight years. 


Spark Performance & Coaching

Sarah Becker

116 West Washington Street

Suite 203

Middleburg, VA 20117

Office: 540.326.8165

Cell: 908.433.6537

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