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Smoking Cessation

The use of hypnotism as a method to help people stop smoking has become a proven, reliable therapy. In 1958, the American Medical Association stated that hypnosis was a useful tool and hypnosis techniques have only gotten better since then.

A well-trained hypnotist will also include in the stop smoking session, powerful suggestions to eliminate the desire to overeat or the increased desire for the flavor of sweets. Using this technique, many people who are a little overweight going into the session will have a tendency to shed excess pounds after the hypnosis program is completed.

Remember, hypnosis can only help you quit smoking if you truly want to quit for the right reason. Even though they sound good, some of the “wrong reasons” include: your doctor wants you to stop, your spouse or kids are pressuring you to stop, you are embarrassed by the habit, you are tired of burning holes in your furniture or clothes. If these reasonable reasons were “valid enough in your mind” to quit, your mind would have already made you a non-smoker.

Cost per person is dependent upon the group size.

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