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"After weeks of experiencing panic for a series of upcoming math exams, I contacted Sarah for some much needed emotional triage.  It was the best decision I could make.  Sarah talked me "off the ledge" of insecurities and high stress.  She identified my triggers and worked with me to produce a sense of calm and confidence that I have never experienced before -- when faced with math anxiety.  Though our session was done via telephone, I felt as if I was being held by this gentle and amazing woman.  Her therapy skills met my fears and eccentricities straight on and she taught me ways to comfort myself in the midst of the mental mayhem.  


I highly recommend Sarah Becker to anyone who is suffering from test anxiety. She is intelligent, compassionate and very insightful."   


--Mel Sebastiani

"I realized about halfway through my senior year in college that I did not actually wish to pursue the PhD that I spent my college career working towards. I graduated and spent the next year living in a fog, trying to figure out what I wanted to do without getting anywhere. Then I started working with Sarah. She helped me to put focus back into my life, and helped me to identify and realize my post college goals. Since then, I have had a beautiful little girl, and I am making significant strides towards working for myself in a field that I love. I have never been happier, and I am frequently amazed at how happy and “lucky” I am. Thank you so much, Sarah. I wouldn't be where I am today without you.



-- Schuyler's Old Nanny

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