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Group Sessions

Stress has huge implications for corporate profitability. According to the US Bureau of Labor, stress costs US business over $300 billion annually. In the 21st Century, business operates faster and with more complexity and uncertainty than ever before. The impact of stress on profitability must be understood, measured, and managed in a realistic and thorough way if a company is to successfully navigate today’s business environment.

With corporate downsizing, employee morale can be a real issue. Workloads are increased and fear runs rampant. How much time are your employees spending worrying that they are next? Or are they secretly looking for a different job? Fear can be immobilizing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Or maybe your company is booming and you want your people to have an edge over the competition. For a small investment per person, you can use the power of hypnosis to encourage permanent, positive growth within your organization.

Sarah Becker, CHT, NLP, Life Coach, will work with your organization to boost employee productivity using Hypnosis and NLP. She will help your employees release fear and anxiety, and embrace change. Through group and individual activities, Sarah will help target weak performance areas and encourage positive interaction and long-term change. She will teach your employees and managers techniques to relax and turbo-charge their performance. No matter your goal, whether it’s reducing stress in the workplace, boosting sales performance or improving customer service, Sarah will tailor a program that achieves the goals of your organization.

 Cost per person is dependent upon the group size.

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