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Weight Loss

Generally, achieving and maintaining normal weight loss is a constant battle for a great percentage of our population. Currently, 64.5% of US adults over 20 years of age are overweight and 30.5% are considered obese. Many of us find a feeling of security in the eating process (emotional eating). “Yo-Yo” dieting can also affect an individual’s metabolism and eating habits.

Helping a person to obtain a normal weight with hypnotism is not extremely difficult for the well-trained hypnotist. Unless the person’s overweight condition is related to a medical problem, hypnosis therapies are very successful when the hypnotist knows how to match the correct technique to each client. (As individuals, we are not all the same and that is why the success rate for group hypnosis weight control programs alone is extremely small.)

A skilled hypnotist is trained in many hypnotic approaches and will be able to match you to the most successful approach that will give you the greatest success. Benefits of individualized sessions include helping clients become more calm and in control of their eating choices. Individuals notice that they stop watching the scale and start choosing activities and food that help speed up their metabolism. The mind’s normal internal chit chat between “what to do and what not to do” is replaced with healthy attitudes the help making the correct choices seem automatic and natural.

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