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“Our goal is to assist you in improving every aspect of your life… Whether you want to improve your health, become more successful in your career, relieve stress, improve sports performance, or just live a happier, more fulfilled life.”

At Spark Performance & Coaching, we believe in an integrated approach to life, health, healing and performance in order to enhance your overall quality of life. We focus on reversing the effects of emotional, physical, nutritional and chemical stresses through hypnosis, massage, nutrition, detoxification, life and performance coaching.

Emotional stress can effectively be relieved or reprogrammed through hypnosis and NLP, while physical and chemical stressors can be relieved by massage, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture were detoxification.

Spark Performance & Coaching offers comprehensive life and health improvement programs, all within one facility. Each client is provided with an individualized program for wellness, personal improvement and success.

Whether you need to de-stress mentally, physically or both, Spark Performance & Coaching has the perfect program for you. Our society is only just beginning to knowledge that the health, wellness and performance of the body and mind are interconnected. You simply cannot have one without the other. My mission is to guide my clients in obtaining the best possible health and life experience.

Become joyful, grateful and excited about your life!

You want to appreciate and enjoy your life. You want to wake up in the morning – each and every morning, feeling grateful, positive and ready to experience joy in your daily life. You have made a decision to be in control of your enjoyment of life. Your goal is to accept all things that are beyond your control as they are, and to move forward in a positive way regarding the things in your life that you can control.

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